22 Mart 2018 Perşembe

The Things Kids Eat

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 March 2018)

Çocukların yuttuklarından koleksiyon yaptı
Experience talking...and he'd rather not have any more.

Dr. Mustafa Melikoğlu, a pediatric surgeon at Akdeniz University
Hospital  in Antalya, has collected all the things he has extracted
from children's breathing and digestive systems over his 40 years
as a surgeon.  At the entrance to the hospital's pediatric surgery
clinic, the nearly 160 items are on display in two locked (!) cabinets.

Among the items kids have swallowed  are coins, hooked needles,
knitting needles, pencil sharpeners, nails, screws, batteries, nuts
and two magnets.  With the display, Dr. Melikoğlu hopes to increase
parents' awareness of these potentially deadly incidents.  He added
that children naturally explore their surroundings with their hands
and mouths but they may, in an instant, swallow a foreign object
that can result in tragic consequences.

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The wrong way to handle such incidents.

21 Mart 2018 Çarşamba

This Guy is Definitely Not A-OK

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 March 2018)

a o k istanbul savcı itiraz ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The egregiously misnamed A.O.K., right, and his victim.

In Istanbul, student T.Y. (23) wanted to end her 4-year relationship
with A.O.K (22), who resisted, threatening her by saying "you'll
be with the dirt, you'll die! I have photos  of you!"  On 26 February
T.Y. asked to speak with A.O.K. but when she declared that "I don't
want to make up." A.O.K. punched, choked and beat T.Y.

After T.Y. filed a police report, A.O.K. claimed she had fallen
because of her high heels and that, despite the threatening messages
he sent to her that were part of the evidence file,  he asserted that
"I'm the victim here!" (!)  The public prosecutor wanted A.O.K.
jailed but the court released him, saying he might reform. 

Nevertheless, the prosecutor persisted, citing the seemingly
never-ending attacks and killings of women in Turkey these days
but both the first court and a higher court rejected the prosecutor's
pleas.  Undaunted, the prosecutor has asked that the suspect's
home be searched and his telephone seized.

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                A.O.K.'s role model.

"Albanian Escobar"'s 'Skunk' Stinks in Bodrum

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 March 2018)

bodrumda yakalandı arnavut escobar ile ilgili görsel sonucu
"Albanian Met" and his stinky skunkworks.

Istanbul anti-narcotics police determined 6 months ago that one
of the biggest drug kingpins in the world, Albanian Met Kanani,
known as "Albanian Met" in Europe, would transport a large
amount of 'skunk' to Turkey through Bodrum.

The 'skunk' was brought to the waters off  Bodrum in a ship
and then transferred to land by yachts.  Police succeeded in
pinpointing the warehouse where the 'skunk' was hidden and
in a raid seized 1.1 tons of 'skunk' worth 25 million TL (about
$6 million).  Met Kanani, four more Albanians and two others
were taken into custody during the raid.

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                       Bodrum pinpointed.

20 Mart 2018 Salı

639 Million TL for Beytüşşebap? Pocket Change for FETÖ

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 20 March 2018)
639 milyonluk vurgun iddiası selahattin ile ilgili görsel sonucu
How could you spend 639 million TL in Beytüşşebap?

In Şırnak province, police officer Selahattin D. transferred
639,000,000 TL (!) (about $150 million), which had been
sent in the name of the Finance Ministry's Beytüşşebap Property
Directorate, illegally to an account opened in the name of the
Beytüşşebap Police Directorate.  Selahattin D., who had fiduciary
authority, went to a bank in the center of Şırnak city to get the

However, an official at the bank was suspicious that this
amount of money had been allocated to Beytüşşebap, which
only has a population of 17,000,  and stopped the transaction,
informing the Beytüşşebap police in the process.  At this point,
Selahattin D. fled but was quickly captured and taken into
custody.  After he gave his statement, another individual in
Beytüşşebap was arrested.

beytüşşebap haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Previously, Selahattin D. had been accused of embezzling
7,000,000 TL and had been relieved of duty in an investigation
related to FETÖ (Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization), but was
later returned to duty.  Now, a 4-person inspection team from
the Finance and Interior Ministries is looking into the matter.
Additionally, the Beytüşşebap Public Prosecutor is continuing
a separate investigation.

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Gülen raised an eyebrow upon hearing of the development...
but no real dent to his bottom line.

"Californium" Dreaming in Ankara

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 March 2018)

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Think of how many Skripals Vlad could impale with this stuff.

Police in Ankara determined that the nuclear substance "californium",
which is used in various nuclear research applications and which is
considered the second most expensive item in the world, produced
only in the U.S. and Russia, had been smuggled into Turkey.  Four
suspects were arrested trying to sell 1 kilo 441 grams of  "californium"
for $72 million.  One gram of the material is worth $4 million.

After the "californium" was smuggled into Turkey from Russia it
was hidden in a car with license plate 06 HA 489, which was stopped
by police in the Pursaklar Turgut Özal neighborhood of Ankara.
Driver Ş.Ş. and H.Z., Y.A. and R.A. were taken into custody.  After
the sale of the material in Ankara the buyer planned to take it out
of the country.  "Californium" was first produced at the University
of California, Berkeley in February 1950, hence its name.

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Ankara police called on a renowned nuclear expert to
help solve the case.

Self-Parker Draws Valet's Wrath

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 March 2018)

valet terror! see previous TNT reporting on this unpleasantness.

Otomobilimi teslim etmedim, vale lastiÄŸimi kesti
Don't you just hate it when the valet slashes your tire...

Lawyer Selva Özkarakoç went to a fish restaurant in Ataşehir,
İstanbul, with her friends and when she declined to give her
car to the restaurant's valet he slashed her car's tire (!)

At about 8 o'clock the night before last, Özkarakoç went to
the luxury fish restaurant in the Küçükbakkalköy section of
Ataşehir.  At the restaurant entrance, the valet wanted to take
Özkarakoç's car keys but because there were promissory
notes belonging to her clients in the car, she declined.

After Özkarakoç parked her car herself, the valet came to her
and said "don't park here."  Özkarakoç left the car in the spot
anyway, prompting the valet to say "you know best, but you'll
have to bear the consequences."  Following her meal, Özkarakoç
got into her car and began driving but saw a light on the
dashboard indicating that she had a flat tire - the car's right
rear tire had been punctured. 

When Özkarakoç told the restaurant about the incident they
offered to pay for the damages and close the matter.  Özkarakoç,
though, went to the İçerenköy police station and filed formal
complaints against the restaurant and the valet. 

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