29 Temmuz 2017 Cumartesi

Fed Up With Giving Directions?

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 29 July 2017)

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 He gets by with a little help from his friends.

Store owner Cafer Sönmez in Alaçatı, Izmir, got tired of giving
directions so he came up with an interesting remedy - he made
two life-size posters of himself pointing in opposite directions.
One 'Cafer' points to the Alaçatı city center and the other to the
port, with specific points of interest on the adjoining signs.

Explaining his situation, Cafer said that "I'm fed up with giving
directions so I made the posters of myself pointing to places in
either direction.  This way I can take care of my business inside
the store without distractions."

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28 Temmuz 2017 Cuma

Breaking Bad at a Chicken Farm

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 July 2017)

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Rıfat B. suffers from blurred vision, obviously.

Istanbul anti-narcotics police obtained information that Rıfat B.,
nicknamed 'The Heroin Doctor', who recently emerged from a
15-year prison sentence, was again producing heroin.  Police
determined that each day Rıfat left his home in Bahçelievler,
Istanbul, and travelled to Hendek district of Sakarya province,
where he left his car at a family residence and rode in another
vehicle to a nearby chicken and mushroom farm.

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Resemblance to his hero is uncanny...

Police donned forest ranger uniforms in order to find Rıfat's
hideout and went into the woods each day with axes, saws and
binoculars.  Ultimately, police decided to act and picked up
Rıfat at the Çamlıca toll booths, along with three accomplices.

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Not exactly chicken feed, literally or figuratively.

Simultaneously, police raided the farm in Hendek, where they
found a tunnel opening hidden under nut sacks in a building
basement.  Police had to put on gas masks in order to enter
the tunnel because of the acid smell and found heroin processing
equipment but no heroin.  They next went to the area on the farm
where chicks are raised, excavated a spot covered over with soil
and found a concrete cover, under which was 1 ton (!) of heroin.
7 suspects are currently being interrogated in jail.

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      Hendek is just east of Sakarya.

Blood Feud + Blackmail = Trail of Body Parts

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 July 2017)

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Sami bey, right, is pretty handy with a döner knife. But
then again, he's a professional.

Sami Y. (43) has a döner kebap shop in Karapürçek, Ankara. A
while ago he moved to Ankara to escape blood feuds in his native
Batman.  On 10 July Sami's nephew Süleyman Ö. (36) came to
his shop and asked for money.  Sami shot Süleyman in the head.

In order to hide his nephew's body Sami came up with a horrific
plan - he cut off Süleyman's head, put it in a pail and filled it with
concrete.  Then, Sami cut off Süleyman's arm and legs, putting
them in plastic bags.  On the night of 11 July, Sami and his
girlfriend C.K. (35) loaded the body parts into a car.

The pail containing Süleyman's concrete-enclosed head was
thrown in a swamp at Ovacık.  The bags with the arms and legs
were jettisoned at a point 3 kilometers from the Pursaklar
interchange on the North Beltway.  One kilometer further on,
the body was disposed of.

Meanwhile, Süleyman's wife A.Ö. reported her husband missing.
Based on a tip, police found Süleyman's arm, leg and shoe, and had
A.Ö. identify them.  A.Ö. told police that Süleyman had last gone
to see his uncle Sami so police reviewed video images, noting that
Sami could be seen carrying black plastic bags from his store.

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             Body-parts 'treasure hunt' map.

Police determined that Sami was selling items from his store at
well below their value.  He was taken into custody, confessed to
killing Süleyman and told police where to find the head-in-the-
concrete pail  in Ovacık.  In his statement, Sami explained that
"My nephew was gambling and wanted money from me.  He
threatened to give my address to my blood feud enemies in Batman.
I got angry and killed him.  I cut off his head so police wouldn't
find me and cut up the body for easier transport."  Sami was taken
to Sincan Prison.

As for Sami's girlfriend C.K., she stated that "I didn't know there
were body parts in the bags (!)."  And although Sami claimed that
C.K. was with him when he killed Süleyman, video images
confirmed that C.K. had come to Sami's shop hours after the murder.

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                 Ankara (A) and Batman (B)

27 Temmuz 2017 Perşembe

Trouble-making Qataris, This Time Marmaris

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 27 July 2017)

Katar Emiri Thani davayı kazandı, Marmaris’te 400 turist ortada kaldı
He'll be staying on his yacht tonight, thank you.

In Marmaris district of Muğla province, evictions began at the
5-star Munamar Beach Hotel owned by Emir Shaikh Nasser
Ahmed Ali A.Al Thani of the Qatari royal family.   The 400 (!)
Turkish and foreign tourists staying at the hotel  were left

The hotel was purchased by Emir Thani in 2010 for $15 million.
The Emir then gave the hotel to a manager for 5 years at $1
million per year.  When the contract's term ended Emir Thani's
lawyers and the hotel managers could not come to an agreement
so Emir Thani filed suit against the manager to vacate.

On 21 July a court ruled in favor of Emir Thani and the hotel
residents were told to leave by the Emir's lawyer, accompanied
by police.  The evicted tourists gathered their belongings and
waited in the hotel lobby as tourist agencies tried to resettle
the 400 stranded tourists in other hotels.

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